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It's easy to make a KFC shake method in a jar

 It's easy to make a KFC shake method in a jar

 This time what I'm distributing is a premium version of the KFC ala-ala recipe, because it USES liquid milk with marination, and it's quite full seasoning.

 Actually, his prescription is an adaptation of the previous KFC copy

, his prescription check or his cookbook version here, and the recoil's recoil is already 400s gilaaaa

Bestseller yes hehe

 What I'm emphasizing here, the method is yes guys, which is how you shake it in a jar. It's perfect for starters, and home scale. If it's for effort,

 Probably have to use a big jar, which can fit into a dozen pieces of chicken, just to make a big one. Practical.

 For the recipe it doesn't have to use this prescription yes, please use each one's personal favorite.

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 My honest review, this method is ideal for beginners, who don't want to bother poking the stick with hand and flour blepotan.

 The results are pretty good. Only we have to bark too, chasing the target how to get the chicken into the fryer at the same time. Maybe I am

 Must use the big jar.


 And since the material is less economical, it's not intentional. Next time I share a chicken KFC business idea more economical

 Suitable for sale. If I remember, lol.

 For maximum flavor, it would be good to let the process of elimination remain overnight, since I spent the last three hours immersed in it, it was not delicious

 Eliminated overnight.


 Ok here's a prescription, good luck. Thank you

 KFC copy-cat shake in jar

 A ingredient

 Two pounds, thigh or torso, according to taste. If the thigh is about 7 pieces, if the chest is about 10 pieces, or cut to 15 or 20, or 30,

 According to taste.

 1 SDT bakin

1teaspoons of pepper powder

 1 SDT powder ngo hiong [it could be replaced with nutmeg resources and cumin powder

 200 ml [10 ml] or around a glass of uht or soda, or regular cold water, the use of milk or soda makes the meat more soft, but also for

 The use of milk makes chickens crea se more volume.

 1 egg roll, shake loose, for a thin, lightweight display of chips, the use of the egg can be passed

 Two SDT powdered oregano optional

 Two SDTS, sage or basil powder, which, according to taste, is optional

 C-gauge for installment

 800 grams of flour or it could use a twin claw

 200 grams of cornstarch

 2 sachet royco chicken

 1 SDT is smooth, optional, most important to make sure the aperture is just right

 (note: if you want more, you can add one more versatile Kentucky flour packet, with a brand that tastes the price of 2 thousand packing 70 gr.

 For the process of immersion, if it is to achieve a lighter result, it can only use regular water [not leftover hibernation materials as I practice]

 The less the dye, the lighter the texture of the cream. If I make that a little thick [because I use eggs and milk,

 Also, the slightly thick dye, or dye, could be volatile. Only because I use eggs and use

 Flour on which the flour isa medium of wheat protein, thank god it can still be crispy.


 To yield

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