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how to choose cheap car insurance

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how to get cheap car insurance

Owning a car does have a lot of extra costs. Starting from taxes, services, to insurance. This time we're talking about car insurance. the type to how to choose it. We may have been driving very safely and complying with traffic regulations. But his name remains at risk. First, we have external factors such as other people's mistakes, floods, Or even theft. And the name of the machine, we don't know when it will break down. The insurance company will cover the cost of repairs in the workshop Some even guarantee a new replacement. Usually, when buying a car in a way Pay off to the bank, The bank certainly requires us to have car insurance.

If it fails to pay, the bank wants to ensure that the car is in good condition, It can be repaired and covered by insurance. There are two types of car insurance. and this type determines the number of premiums and can be selected according to the age of our vehicle. The first or comprehensive car insurance. This type of insurance accepts all claims for car damage ranging from minor to severe damage. Insurance is suitable for those of us who have just bought a car. And if it's scratched we just have to make a claim. Because it covers all the damage, of course, insurance premiums are more expensive. For example, That's 3.26% of the price of the car.

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While the percentage of premiums is much greater than Most expensive or Total Loss Only is 0.78%. The second is the type of car insurance or Total Loss Only. Insurance provides guarantees or coverage costs Only if the car is lost. because of theft, or damage of more than 75% of the price of the car at that time. This means that the car should absolutely not. it can be used and then we can make a claim. So if the car is only scratched one centimeter, or hit and dented, Don't expect the claim to be approved. Because you can only file a claim when the car is severely damaged course, the premium amount is also lighter than the type The first insurance

that is Even the amount of premiums can be three times cheaper than car insurance. For a minimum of 0.44% compared to the price of the car. Well, do not be confused, here is a summary of the differences between the two types of car insurance. For those of us who live in cities at risk of flooding, just for information, most insurance does not cover car repairs directly. due to flooding. Customers need to buy collateral and of course, it is necessary. For the best car insurance options, It has encapsulated recommendations of the best car insurance products, based on type, features, services, partner workshop, and cheapest premium. Some of his choices 

Allianz,, and many others. That is, as customers, we benefit.  There are many options that we can find the cheapest and the best coverage benefits. To see the full list, you can stop by. to our website at how we calculate the cost of premiums for car insurance. Slightly different from health and life insurance. the amount of car insurance premium guidelines for calculating car insurance premiums. divided by type of insurance, a region the price of the car, as well as the expansion guarantee provided. So Three regional categories will determine the amount of your car premium, as follows. Then the percentage of premium distribution is also calculated based on the price of your car.

You can see this category like this. It is also calculated based on the type of insurance. The following table will provide a simulation of insurance premiums by type. From this table, we can calculate the cost of car insurance. We must pay if we follow insurance. Car. For example, Agya car worth 150 million has a premium area category 2, and category 2 for car types. Well, here simulation of all risk insurance premiums that you pay each year when you take out car insurance a percentage count multiplied by the price of the car is the cost of car insurance premiums that simulated as follows 2.47% per year. Next, we look at the simulation of costs and car insurance, for categories If you look at this table, we can see that car insurance

Cheaper than car insurance. We use the same example, with previous insurance calculations, Then with the formula The same way we get cheaper results, That's insurance premiums per year. In addition to the two categories mentioned Previously, there was also Combination Car Insurance. This type of insurance incorporates coverage. This product is usually used for credit. car But, it should be noted that this type of car insurance changes in each period. For example, the first year of coverage pretends Then the following year This is what makes customers sometimes not understand. In the first year of the customer Claiming, for protection Then the following year filed a claim for the same,

But the insurance company refused. Thing This can happen because of the coverage that applies the following year. It's already in the coverage. Here's a guarantee of expansion. in car insurance that requires additional floods including hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, riots and riots, sabotage, legal liability against third parties, personal accident for the passenger, and legal liability to the passenger. Each expansion guarantee has its own calculations. Is it complicated?  In Lifespan, everything has been counted. Try stopping by the lifespan. And check what you need. There are some important things to know, How to get cheap and affordable car insurance.

First, choose types of car insurance so that those paid lower compared to second car insurance, Choose car insurance that provides basic protection without frills guarantees expansion. Especially if you don't need an expansion guarantee. Third, choose insurance that provides value. more protection for drivers and passengers. The following are some criteria and tips on choosing an insurance product that follows our needs. First, we have to choose the right type of car insurance. Know the needs and terrain that we often pass, And what is our territory solid, damaged road, accident-prone, or prone to lose. For example, insurance is suitable for motorists in the city, who are at high risk of blisters and accidents. While insurance is suitable for cars that are in areas prone to crime and loss.

The second tip is to choose a company. Insurance with reliable credibility. Credibility doesn't just mean the brand is well-known but also trusted about service and minimal Maybe a complaint. The third tip is to choose an insurance that has an extensive partner workshop. Car insurance usually works with the official workshop of our car brand with another workshop. Only a few insurance brands allow us to be able to make repairs to the workshop. Usually, benefits like this are very useful, especially if our car is damaged in an area that we are not familiar with. can It's different, Although the same. There is insurance that only covers car damage, But some bear the driver and his passengers. well when we receive insurance, we should already know what are the protections, features, additional benefits, and then we sign

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