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How to sell NFT without fe gas

                                             How to sell NFT without fe gas

Hello, how are you Well, these friends are certainly in good health Today we will discuss NFT again Like yesterday if yesterday we create a tutorial NFT was asked to buy for freeThis time we would also like to create a tutorial for sale  NFT at the dots for free. of course Well, you're curious now that you're curious


 Don't forget to read the article until it's love  Now before we start, we go through this one This time we will provide a tutorial for NFT For free d Again we're gonna give it the obvious Let's get started The tutorial is the first step for us Can sell NFT freeway that is by How we used to visit his market site


 Go straight to the site It's actually an open sea This sea we can sell our NFT well For free or for cash For friends who don't know what NFT is We know autism NFT is a game whereas NFT It's a nonfungal token so it's a token Digital or digital art  Let's just talk another time. it's us now


 Focus on how to sell them well first Visiting the open sea site continues later We click this ya crewel but before we can Get in here. the friends have to activate  I see meta mo come to chrome in the weave Chrome continues we click now here we are


 You should turn in wallet first for metamask  Or a coinbase for my konek or my pot Matic Using metamask us connect first we waitThen we type in the passcode It's a digital signature We're on his page Create new items so for MFT alone can It's an audio or 3d video image


 With zip page FSPG mp4 WebM mp3wif and Then there are domains Desi busman table has straight domains  We drag here the FC we wanna sell Hello we search first We're the first ones We drag our NFT over here ya stretch After that let's give it my name already Copy urban waste


 What a character turban card in English Yeah, just stay here. we'll release the link No need to be cool here description we Paste fun character image Okay then here's the collection there  Properties can the guys throw these in You know, you could use a break  It's also okay. here's what's important


 Number 1 is here to sell  NFT a freeway we should change it on  Let's see what we're made of It's not ours to change we'll be exposed Fee gas that we turned into Polygon! Now here's the key stays here and then we Click this regrade we wait


 hold on It's been a while, though There's been a success Then the character now clicked cell death well We're set  How much is this going to cost? Zero  0 comae just one with a server press logo Plus, you still option The listings are six months too late Yes 13 days is 1w we're one week Just keep on the 13th ending


 that we click complete  Mani y service fee does not Digest gas continues we click complete Listings continue our further signature  We're good. now we're done. yeah So our NFT is   Friends can share via Twitter or Facebook  Or a telegram To be able to share into other social media accounts, good used. so long, thank you for your visit



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