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I don't want to regret it for the second time around 2014 some people introduced the Bitcoin currency at that time the exchange rate of 1 Bitcoin was still cheap Because the initial entry into Indonesia was only around




three million Bitcoins one by one, Bitcoin exchange rate is getting higher my friends who play Bitcoin trading to look richer but I still don't budge by showing off traffic




my site that penetrates 40,000 views per day But it turns out that Bitcoin is getting crazy today 1 Bitcoin is around 550 million even in April 2021 one Bitcoin reaches 924 million Wow when I used to save only one Bitcoin, another story Bitcoin is getting higher because


there are only 21 million pieces in this world, in the world of Bitcoin there are two types of users namely traders and minus Strider are people who buy and sell Bitcoin while minus are people who run


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Bitcoin server and in charge of verifying Bitcoin transactions Of course I will not immediately invite friends to trade Bitcoin because the risk is very high but in this article, I will show mining to get Bitcoin directly


free, whose job is to only open the application and I have proven that I have successfully withdrawn, we can get money in crypto for free, just open the application, this method can be done in full using a cellphone or it can


also done using a computer or laptop this time I will make a withdrawal in the application Is the application proven to pay or not before we make a withdrawal we must have




crypto e-wallet there are several crypto e-wallets that we can use and that's what I officially recommend for my index took crypto account I will narrow it down. Only two applications, namely Indodax and




Tokocrypto from Indodax and Tokocrypto, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. For mining, I am prohibited from entering Tokocrypto, so later I will show you how to register for withdrawals and so on until


done. Maybe there's a little way we transact using Tokocrypto Why because what I'm highlighting here is the withdrawal fee at Tokocrypto is only 5500 while on Indodax it's the description, it will be directed to Playstore then install the application


Crypton store Once installed we open the main screen like this we can trade or just save crypto money in this application don't worry Official Tokocrypto in Indonesia the main menu consists of the market homepage order then enter or register we select register or enter first




Tokocrypto is fully supported or under the auspices of finance. I personally am definitely not afraid to transact or save my money in this Brigadier One store application, then we click register, we start by entering the password confirmation email, then


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click register we will send an OTP code to the email address that we entered earlier, the OTW has been entered, we have just successfully registered, then we enter the profile photo menu at the top right, then we click our authentication identity, we verify our basic Indonesian identity, n we upload


photo of our ID card here, after the green color we just continue, we fill in the full name work number and others here then click continue after filling in the complete identity later we are asked to verify the face by winking in the form




we verify manually. For example, like this, we just need to click continue later, waiting for the 24-hour process, here deletes sent, friends. Yesterday I submitted the Tokocrypto verification at 11.00 on Sunday and it turned out today


Monday at eight in the morning I have received an email that my Tokocrypto account has been approved, so my KYD application has been approved or if the language is easy, my Tokocrypto account is a premium version, so I




can transaction then withdraw Then trade using this crypto store application then we will use Tokocrypto to make withdrawals in my crypto tab browser in a closed group, my balance


already 5,471 and I can make a withdrawal because the minimum withdrawal is only 1001 basically This is the balance so this is the withdraw button  I using the application version Okay, I immediately pressed the withdraw button, and we just enter it


Bitcoin address we get our Bitcoin address we go to the crypto store then set the Let's find BTC menu select this BTC Bitcoin we click then click deposit let the most important BTC here is our deposit address Don't copy it wrong


just paste it, I just copy it back into the crypto tab browser application then I enter the address here Then for payment click a maximum of 5493 then click I am not a robot, now we click withdraw then a confirmation email will be sent that we made a withdrawal, we open the email




I open this email, and there is an email from Cryptotab confirming the withdrawal of this Bitcoin address, then Bitcoin balance, click confirm hydro withdraw, it has been confirmed, we click OK, we return to the Crypto tab application.




here there is a history of 5100i withdrawal requests. We can also see the payment history here. Let's see the status. As we can see the details have been confirmed by the crypto tab and will be processed one working day here


  Set After waiting for a while, I finally got an email from Crypto, which is on the same day at 12.00 52 this email notifies me that my withdrawal has been successfully processed. here it says withdrawal was successful.



 2 minutes later, I received an email from Tokocrypto that the deposit was successful, namely the deposit I made from Cryptotab earlier, we made a withdrawal on Cryptotab on August 12 at 9.22, so from the withdrawal process to entering our swallow account,


about 3-4 hours, of course, the length of the withdrawal will vary depending on the withdrawal queue, how much now do we check in the crypto store application, is this whether our withdrawal has been entered or not, enter the wallet menu and here immediately there is any remaining balance



 empty, the balance is in the form of Bitcoin because we withdraw from the crypto tab in the form of Bitcoin here, my balance is 5493, one of which has managed to enter my shop, maybe friends who saw this video, he said, "Wow, it's small, even though it's small, but it works.


we use this to practice trading, if we trade cryptocurrencies and then deposit them with our own money, the risk is huge because


 the exchange rate is very, very volatile, it could be 500000000 today tomorrow to 400 million, that's hundreds of millions. use this small amount to practice ce trading, for example, we enter the market menu first, and here we see Bitcoin rising


or down, if it goes down it means we don't have to do anything. Why is it because our currency is Bitcoin, it changes every day, now it's 564 million, maybe later this afternoon it will reach 600000000,


 so when it reaches 600 million, we sell Bitcoin to Rupiah currency so the point I want to convey is that we practice trading with this Tokocrypto application but use the free money that we get from crypto trade Indeed now friends


 see here it's still loose but so Bitcoin has gone up, the money is a lot and this will continue to grow as soon as I post on the crypto tab, wait for the balance to continue to grow, maybe a year or two or maybe I'll leave it for three years, who knows


when Bitcoin reaches 2 Oh, once Bitcoin hits 2m harvest and hydro with us mining means we help people who run Bitcoin servers but if we trade, it means here


 we sell and buy Bitcoin, meaning we are traders, that's all, how to get Bitcoin money. Thank you for visiting my page and see you soon.



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