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how to make money online on tik tok

                                                    how to make money online on tik tok

make money online on tik tok

Tik Tok is the most popular social media application at this time, the application made in China is classified as successful worldwide, it has more than five million downloads on the play store where people contribute to TikTok very rapidly, TikTok is generally for watching short videos of duration

short video short type, but lately TikTok has launched a new program for its users, namely tik to shop and tik tok.

this second program is ideal for making money, where tik-tok is currently a trend in society, this is a great opportunity to make money online, the discussion continues on how to make money online in the following tik-to review. tik to the seller.

you can become a seller or reseller, the meaning of the word as a seller is all you have to do is register, what products do you like, such as categories

clothing: there are many types of clothing depending on what category you are targeting, women's clothing, clothing is a business that is never empty of buyers

because everyone needs clothes every month there is a change in the latest models so this business is very promising, starting with women's clothing,

children, adult men, what needs to be considered is to observe the trending model or the newest model, usually, the latest model is the center of attention in society.

household appliances: this product is no less crowded than buyers, especially housewives who really need the product                                                                                                                                        One of these is kitchen utensils such as stoves, plates, glasses, cooking utensils, and much more.electronics: electronics can not be separated from humans where everyone needs it including me, this product is also in great demand by buyers

such as irons, blenders, televisions, computers, and accessories, my advice is to choose products with small dimensions so that buyers are not burdened with postage.   accessories and knick-knacks: accessories for this one product are very popular for the hobbyist or just a collection of very many kinds

such as women's accessories, glasses, watches, bracelets and necklaces and others depending on the changing times,

accessories for children such as children's toys and many more.

handicraft products: craft products can also be tried to be sold on tik tok such as regional crafts, creating unique products, such as miniatures item or a replica. And the worst thing is that there are many more products that are sold online on Tik Tok.

Then the second way, how to make money online on Tik Tok, is to become an affiliate or broker what is an affiliate: affiliate is a broker or broker but this happens in the digital world or online that brings together sellers to buyers

his job is to offer or promote other people's products if there is a closing or a sale then you get a commission from the seller, the commission depends on the seller ranging from 2% to 10%, just imagine if you sell more products

You will make more money without having a product without taking care of shipping goods. how does an affiliate work, you make videos that attract viewers then give the product link in the video that's how easy it works but the name of the job there is no instant everything needs a process that must be passed.                                              

                                                                    the conclusion

to make money on tik tok you need patience and tenacity and have a high and earnest spirit that will definitely produce results. Good luck to you, good luck, if there are mistakes and shortcomings, I'm sorry and see you later.

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