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real estate business tricks without capital

 real estate business tricks without capital

the property business is indeed very profitable which promises of course because the price is very high, of course, the profit is also high, is it?

property business must have a lot of money capital? no, the property business has various elements,

real estate business tricks without capital

-developer or developer

-contractor as a contractor

-marketing sales marketing agents


-investor/planting property shares

The five elements are a business without capital as a marketing agent or sales marketing because the risk is small, suitable for beginners because I am

I'm sure that you are just a beginner who wants to learn in the world of property, so I give the beginner level, starting from marketing the product


To start, you can join a marketing agency to get a property listing, and you can promote it on social media or on blogs

freebies and warship groups if you have capital you can advertise on online sites so you can easily market them if there are sales then you get a fee of approximately 1-2%.

you can look for a house or shophouse that you want to sell, contact them offering your services to help sell it so you can get

property products, which you need to know before selling property, first identify and understand well the materials, such as frames, roofs, and facilities

quality so that consumers are not disappointed with the product, record the building specs, the rooms, and so on,

knowledge about the property business that never ends a passive source of income that promises long term due to the longer the property price

If there is a high increase, then there are many successful people in Sunia Property, this business is very suitable for new beginners who don't need it

special skills, an important point is marketing or marketing skills that must be mastered starting from offering on online sites along with

As time goes on you will gain insight into finding the file.

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