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beginner affiliate shope guide

                              Shopee affiliate program guide and how to complete the list

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Hello friends, all online money fighters, how are you, I hope you are all right, on this occasion I will share information

good for those of you who like shopping online at the shop but you can also earn money by participating in the shopee affiliate program registration, it's been almost a year shop opened a new program for users to earn money, not only sellers, right?

If you can get money from the sale, the buyer can too, so keep watching, viewers until this review runs out. For those of you who are newbies or new to Shopee, what is it? the shop is the largest e-commerce in southeast Asia originating in Taiwan

If I'm not mistaken, the platforms that have spread, including in Indonesia, Shopee is an application for online shopping, just from Smartphone

You are only one hand away, you can order the products you like, Shopee itself in Indonesia has the largest users, then Tokopedia and Lazada. after we know we will discuss further the main topic of the shop affiliate program, for those of you who want to become an affiliate

marketing who wants to try to register it, the first thing you do, of course, already has the Shopee application installed, then

you register on the registration dashboard you need to know before registering already have a mandatory social media account

have 1000 followers, for promotional material for shop affiliate products quoted in September 2021, for the new program I don't know about it after you finish the registration process wait about one-month confirmation from the shop. how to run the shop affiliate program.

youtube videos

if you have been accepted as an affiliate of the shop program, you just make interesting video content on your youtube channel then give your affiliate link in the description,

Facebook social media

make a status on Facebook with an interesting caption, this is where copywriting skills are needed with a strategy AIDCA.


for those of you who like to make short-duration videos, you can also take advantage of that by uploading your videos on TikTok, especially now on TikTok

currently booming where people gather the most, this moment is highly recommended because TikTok is like a market to offer products

you, of course, have to know first, yes, your target market is right.


You also have to try promotions on your Instagram, it's a shame if you have a lot of followers but you don't use them as material Follower promotion is a great opportunity to buy your product.


Twitter users when there are still many loyal if you like news or political opinion can also join in making interesting news with the words your own words that contain elements of promotion.


The smartest itself also needs to be tried for your product promotion, upload interesting photos with high quality, because it's on Pinterest most photos are interesting ideas, and inspiration, then use a good photo then give your affiliate link.


For those of you who like to write or write long stories, you can also do promotions with written storiesWhat's interesting is the end to buying your product.


Becoming an affiliate marketer is the most important thing, keep learning, continue to do your job, patiently, and do something seriously then it will pay off.

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